Chunky Guacamole:

The signature dish of Mad Mexican.  Premium avocados from the region of Michoacán are ripened to perfection to give our famous guacamole full flavor. 

Salsa Verde:

The sharp flavor of tomatillo is balanced by the freshness  of  cilantro and the  liveliness  of  jalapeno.  Its light and chunky body makes it an unrivaled match for grilled fish, tender cuts of beef, light cheeses, simple quesadillas, crispy tacos and nachos. 

Morita Salsa (a.k.a. Salsa Roja):

The dried and smoked morita pepper, a native of Mexico, give this salsa its distinct earthy flavor. Made from fresh charred tomatoes and sweet onions, it has a medium heavy body with a touch of heat. This morita salsa achieves complex flavors reminiscent of smoked and fire grilled foods. It boldly stands alone as a dip or adds the spark to grilled meats, shrimp and tomato base sauces.

Two-Way Jalapeno Bean Dip: 

Fire  roasted  jalapenos  tag-teams  with  dried  and  smoked  jalapenos (chipotles) to make this dip an outstanding combination. Caramelized onions balance the action by adding a sweet and mild flavor to your palette. A velvety dip on its own, yet sensational on a sandwich or burrito.  

Roasted Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa: 

Avocados and roasted tomatillos are a match made for heaven in this mild yet vivid salsa. With the richness of perfectly ripened avocados, and the sharp charred flavor of the tomatillos and jalapenos, this salsa is like nothing your senses have ever experienced before.



Stone ground crispy corn chips are made with only 100 per cent canola oil and lightly finished with course sea salt. No fillers, artificial flavor or other stuff that is a mouthful to say.


Authentic Mexican recipes proudly prepared in Canada with premium and locally sourced ingredients.